Additional Services

FirstWave provides a range of additional services as well as two delivery options—behind your firewall or hosted by us at a secure location. Pricing options include a perpetual license, a monthly subscription behind your firewall, or a monthly subscription hosted by us.

Hosting: Our hosting partner employs performance and security technologies with data and services protected through IPSec, allowing only specific IP addresses to access code database functionality. At the application layer, IS and passwords are required to access the system.

Security: Our partner’s secured building is only accessible by authorized personnel. If you choose, encrypted browsing through https can be established for an additional charge.

Back-up: All data backups are maintained at a secure location with routine backups performed every 48 hours with no system downtime. Emergency recovery plans are in place should they be necessary.

Uptime: We offer 24/7 monitoring with system availability of 99 percent during any quarterly period, excluding scheduled downtime for routine maintenance. Reasonable efforts are made to provide at least 48-hour email notice of upcoming scheduled downtime.

Training: Online and on-site training is available for users and administrative staff. Courses include end-user training, train-the-trainer, administration, and custom courseware development.

Support: Through our support portal, you have 24/7 access to necessary information. Our experienced support professionals are dedicated to resolving issues promptly. Just call us at 800-540-6061 or log into our customer support portal. We’re here five days a week, 11 hours a day.

Professional Services: We configure and implement your system, and provide initial user training to get you started fast. Our team can also assist by integrating our solutions with your other back-end systems such as order-entry, quote requests, or accounts receivable systems.

For more information, contact us at 1-800-540-6061 or

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