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Support Customers

FirstWave brings you three solutions to support customers—a robust support application, a customer self-service portal, and a market feedback tool.

The Wave Support Module™ helps you manage and promptly resolve customer issues to build strong relationships and retain valued customers. The application tracks contracts, cases, service-level agreements, entitlements, and warranties so you keep them up-to-date and accessible for service and support disciplines.

Avoid support problems by automatically translating detailed account information into easy-to-read reports. Identify trends in the support function and flag areas for improvement. Reduce response times by providing easy access to a robust, full-text search knowledge base for accurate and timely troubleshooting.

Simplify cases and activity tracking through integration with Microsoft Outlook.

See performance results via real-time reports, including activity by agent, case status, upcoming contract renewals, customer information, customers with issues, and more.

The Wave Customer Portal™ provides a secure log-in to view key account and product information, enter support cases, and track resolution status. Understand customer interests, get real-time feedback, and reduce overall costs.

The Wave Market Feedback Tool™ closes the loop between customer support and development, illuminating product issues and allowing you to proactively address customer needs. Get direct feedback from customers on desired enhancements, keeping your development team in tune with the marketplace.