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Generate Leads

Our email campaigns feature robust delivery to thousands of contacts from a database of millions, best practice advice on messaging so more emails get opened, and real-time scoring and tracking of leads who respond.

WavEmails™ get through to decision-maker inboxes. Unlike in-house operations, you'll avoid blacklisting or spam issues because emails go out via our servers and domains, not yours.

Segment lists from our continually updated database by SIC code, company size, location, and job title to target just the right prospects. Personalize subject lines with first names to increase opens, and create compelling text with links to your key website pages.

See who opened your message, which pages they viewed and for how long. Scoring lets you send the best leads directly to sales for immediate action and engage the rest over time. Don't worry about unsubscribes. They're automatically collected and suppressed.

Compare results to enhance future campaigns so you bring in more quality prospects that lead to sales.