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Nurture Relationships

FirstWave’s marketing automation solutions includes an e-newsletter service to continuously engage prospects, partners and customers.

NewsWave™ features ease of use and powerful deliverability. Upload your prospect, partner or customer contact lists and segment by size, SIC code, location, and job title to fit each edition of your newsletter. Don't worry about unsubscribes. They're collected and suppressed automatically.

Use one of our ready-made newsletter templates or your own. Either way, no need to know HTML coding. Upload logos, images, PDF articles to build and brand your newsletter. Editing is easy. Change text, background colors, insert links to your key web pages, and preview the newsletter as you go.

Track newsletter responses in real-time including opens and links clicked. See who responded, which web pages they visited.

Use NewsWave along with our Leadtracker™ solution to identify, score, prioritize and nurture relationships for added sales and revenue.

In addition, our Wave Customer Module™ brings you a 360-degree view of customer activity and details. Track contacts for each customer including details and activities. Keep customers up-to-date and accessible throughout the relationship. See performance results via real-time reports, including activity by agent, customer information, and customers with issues.

FirstWave’s marketing automation solutions help ensure you can develop new relationships and strengthen existing ones—both crucial in today’s competitive environment.