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Identify & Engage Leads

The Internet has changed the way B2B buyers behave. They've become proactive, searching for solutions via the Web long before they are ready to talk to sales.

That means marketing must identify and engage leads early and nurture them to build relationships long before they're ready to move to sales. At the same time, the Internet has increased the flow of leads. So, savvy marketers know they need automated tools to help them manage and develop leads into sales-ready prospects.

FirstWave's LeadTracker™ helps you capture all leads coming from online and offline marketing campaigns in one location-visible through a single dashboard-where you can track and compare results and ROI.

With LeadTracker™, score your leads based on web page viewing, downloads, event registrations and attendance-any online or offline behavior. See campaign results on one dashboard including every interaction each lead has with your company. Automatically score and prioritize leads. Send the hottest ones immediately to sales and prioritize the rest for drip marketing and nurturing.

LeadTracker™ also offers an auto-responder feature that enables you to continuously engage your prospects through drip marketing. Auto-responder allows you to setup a series of conditions and actions that will automatically send out emails through the life cycle of the lead. This feature automatically makes sure your leads are continuously being touched. Conditions can even be set that will automatically send leads email messages based on inactivity over a period of time.

Understand that Google and other services drive traffic to your site, but they cannot identify leads. Marketers need other tools to do that.

With LeadTracker™ you not only identify leads, you can associate them with the keywords, ads, seminars, or email campaigns that delivered them to your website. So, now, instead of just looking at traffic stats and hoping that traffic generates business, you can engage real contacts and start building relationships.

Use our NewsWave™ e-newsletters to continuously engage not-yet-ready leads as well as existing customers and partners so you remain first in mind when they are ready to buy. With a full view of all interactions and scoring, marketing knows when to send leads on to sales.

And, by the way, knowing which AdWords or banner ads deliver the best prospects and sales, you can now compare ROIs and enhance the campaigns that deliver and eliminate the ones that don't. And you can now demonstrate marketing's true value to the business. You're generating sales and revenue, not just brand awareness.

With automated behavior tracking, lead scoring and drip marketing, marketing also eliminates manual tasks and maximizes resources. Saving money as well as driving revenue. You are no longer Marketing “the cost center”, you are...marketing, “essential to the business.”